Hi, I’m April and I am so glad you have found my blog! I started this blog for two reasons: to remember my travel adventures in great detail and to spread my passion of travel to others. If you leave this blog feeling excited and motivated to travel the world and discover new things, then I have successfully done my job.

I want to share about places less known and uncommon. And even in places more common and more frequently traveled, I want to share unique finds within those places whether it be a hole in the wall restaurant with mouth-watering food, a tucked away waterfall with a view so beautiful it takes your breath away, or an experience with nature only few have enjoyed.



As much as I love people and love the cultural aspect of traveling, I love nothing more than finding places that aren’t, well as ironic as this may sound, very populated. In fact, I have enjoyed the routine responses of “where?”, “what?” and “why?” that tend to follow the declaration of my next travel adventure. I love it when someone has to pull out a map and do a Google search to find out where I am going. To me, that is an adventure.



Travel is even more than a destination. It is an experience. People will joke about it but I enjoy going anywhere. Business travel, day trip to nowhere, town one has heard of, remote island – you get the idea. I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, and seeking out unique encounters. It takes a special person to get genuinely excited about finding a delicious salad or a new brand of tea. Hand raised – yes, that’s me. And I want to share that excitement with you!



Throughout this blog I will share with you places I have not only been but felt, experienced, and lived. You will laugh about unfortunate happenings, smile at happy moments, and think “glad I read that beforehand” when I share some lessons learned. I will also share with you practical advice on traveling, packing, and planning. I am a planner by nature and am excited to share with you tips that will save you time, money, and frustration. I want to be open, honest, and transparent with you on all things. Although the bulk of the blog will be travel, I will also occasionally focus on other areas of my life – highs and lows, lessons learned, and basically anything I think someone other than myself would want to hear about.



I am not someone who recently quit her job to travel the world. I am one who tries to find the balance among career/working full time, family, friends, and life responsibilities while desperately trying to find room for traveling and other interests. I love running, golfing, the Indiana Pacers, cheeseburgers and fries, songs that speak to my soul, a page-turning novel, and my polydactyl tabby cat.



Below are two of my favorite quotes, both capturing the essence of my passion of traveling and this blog. Whether it be traveling out of the country, within my home state, or in the simple days of everyday life – I live by the words below. Welcome, again I am so glad you found me!