Visiting Iceland’s Vogafjos Cowshed Restaurant around Lake Myvatn

When I do my trip planning for upcoming trips, my “last but not least” topic that I research is typically food. Although I do enjoy spontaneously wandering into a restaurant based on a neat look or a good smell wafting from the building, I also like to travel with a list of possible restaurants to hit and where they are located, just in case. I’ve never been so glad to have this restaurant list as I was on my trip to Iceland. Unless you are in downtown Reykjavik, you won’t be stumbling upon any restaurants. In fact, you will have a hard enough time finding a restaurant you know you are looking for. In Iceland, there may not be restaurants for miles and miles and ones that are there can easily be overlooked. My advice to you when visiting Iceland is to plan everything – even your meals. You won’t be sorry you took the time to do some research beforehand.

One of the Iceland restaurants I had on my list to visit during my stay is the Vogafjos Cowshed Restaurant. It is quite literally a farm to table restaurant, as they make and raise the bulk of their own products right here at the farm including chicken, fish, cheese, bread and various meats.

You’ll be able to choose between indoor and outdoor dining. The tables on the back porch that opened to the fields here made for the perfect setting. It was too cold to eat out during our trip, so instead we sat as close to the window as we could.

Although the décor is quite simple and humble, the food is anything but. This was one of my best meals of the entire trip. I enjoyed deliciously-cooked lamb accompanied by greens topped with tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, red pepper and onions. The garlic bread on the side was a wonderful treat. My only regret was that it wasn’t bottomless. And if you have room for dessert (and I highly recommend you keep room), you’ll be able to choose from a case of homemade baked goods including pies and cakes.

A very unique menu item I ordered was lava tea. If you know me well, you know that I love trying different types of tea and have a whole shelf in my pantry dedicated to tea. So I was quite excited to find lava tea on the menu here at Vogafjos. I would consider this lava tea to be a type of green tea with a very mild and refreshing taste. This too is made on site with local herbs. Some of the Icelandic herbs it is made of includes: angelica, thyme, wood crane’s bill, mountain avens, and peppermint. I was quite excited to find this lava tea available for purchase in the gift shop. It made a perfect memory and souvenir from my trip.

Don’t forget to stop and visit the cows on your way out of the restaurant.

I will also mention that although I didn’t stay here, Vogafjos does have a guesthouse they have added for those wanting to spend the night. They offer 26 rooms, all with private bathrooms. And the best part is that breakfast is included with your stay, which makes for a perfect way for you to try even more of their great cooking.

We at lunch at Vogafjos on the day that we visited the Lake Myvatn area. For several hours in the morning, we hiked up Vindbelgur Mountain, working ourselves up quite an appetite. It was a rainy, dreary day but still provided beautiful views.

Also in the Lake Myvatn area you’ll find a variety of mudpots, lava formations, fumaroles, and volcanic craters to check out. Such a variety of landscape can be found here due to how the Myvatn basin sits so squarely on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Many of these you’ll need to hike to.

On our way back to Husavik (where our home base was for a few nights), we stopped to see Godafoss Waterfall.

This was one of my favorite waterfalls we visited in Iceland due to the beautiful aqua blue shade of the water. Godafoss Waterfall is definitely worth the drive, as it is only about a forty-minute drive from the Lake Myvatn area.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like more information on what to see and do in the Lake Myvatn area of Iceland.

Paths Less Traveled Ranking: 1 ½ footprints

Paths Less Traveled Ranking Explanation: Although Lake Myvatn is quite remote and off the beaten path, the lack of hotels in this area do require you to book them quite in advance.

*In each of my articles I will provide a Paths Less Traveled Ranking. This ranking system is from 1 footprint to 5 footprints with 1 footprint being very remote and off the beaten path and 5 footprints being very populated.




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