Staying at Kaldbaks-kot Cottages in Husavik

When planning my trip to Iceland, a town I definitely knew I wanted to stay in was the town of Husavik. I chose Husavik, as it was known to be the whale watching capital of the world. You’ll find my account of whale watching in a previous blog post. Husavik was also within a several-hour drive (perfect for day trips) to many places including Lake Myvatn, Godafoss, Dettifoss, Akureyri, and Namafhall Hverir. I found it as the perfect home base for five days during my stay.

With barely over 2,000 residents in town, I knew that hotel options in Husavik would be quite limited. Luckily my internet search drew me to Kaldbaks-kot Cottages in Husavik, and a large number of TripAdvisor awards confirmed I was making the right choice. This post is not in any way sponsored or endorsed by Kaldbaks-kot Cottages. I had an excellent experience when staying here and wanted to give them recognition and highly recommend them for your upcoming trip to Iceland.

I loved seeing these flags at the Husavik cottages. They are a great way to watch for the cottages when showing up for the first time and will be the indication that you have arrived at your destination.

You’ll find Kaldbaks-kot Cottages offer 19 different cottages of various sizes. The bulk have one bedroom but several have two bedrooms. One bedrooms are 20 square meters in size and have one double bed, pushed up against the wall. I’m not going to lie – these cabins are very small! As much as I love my space, being in a small cabin did seem to add to the experience of being out in the middle of nowhere with the beautiful ocean and mountains. Being able to open up the front door and see this view made not having a ton of space 100% worth it.

One of my favorite features of the small cabin was the kitchen. It included an area to prepare and cook meals and a microwave. Each night I found myself enjoying buttered popcorn and a cup of herbal tea, while relaxing on the couch in the living room. You’ll find a grocery store just a short drive and several miles into town, perfect for any extras you may need to pick up.

Another bonus of this cabin is that it does have heat, hot water, internet and all bathroom facilities. The shower is quite tiny to the point you are unable to move around or bend over (wasn’t able to shave my legs for a few days).

For those of you who are easily allergic and/or chemically sensitive, I’d highly recommend these cabins. They do an amazing job of keeping the air in the cottages free of fragrances, molds, and chemicals and ensure all bedding and towels are washed in non-smelling soaps.

You could not ask for a better location. One glance out your window or one step out your front door provides you with an extraordinary view. Peacefulness and tranquility can be found here in abundance.

The property also provides many hiking paths for visitors! Several evenings we would find ourselves walking along the hiking paths. Maps can be found online for these. Along the paths you’ll see a variety of different-colored succulents. An abundance of birds can be found in nearby lakes around the paths. These birds had a very unique sound; it was almost a scream as you’d hear from someone walking up from a nightmare. These sounds will make you laugh (as soon as you figure out what the sound actually is). We stumbled upon this black sand beach, wandering down to the water’s edge and enjoyed watching the sunset.

Kaldbaks-kot Cottages also provide hot tubs around the property. One evening we took a short walk from our cabin to a hot tub after it was pitch black and enjoyed a hot soak. I’ve never seen such an unpolluted night sky with vividly bright stars. Much to our excitement, we were able to catch glimpses of the Northern Lights with its shades of green streaking across the night sky!

If I have time, one of the things I like to do when staying at a cabin or bed and breakfast is to read the guest book. I love reading about things others have discovered during their vacations. Many times you’ll learn things you wouldn’t have otherwise known. I read from numerous people about the whales they saw directly from their cabin windows. Although I watched and watched, I didn’t spot these highly talked about whales. I know they were out there, so be sure to watch for them when you visit Iceland.

The other thing I’ll advise you on is in regards to taking pictures. When you see the sun come out, grab your camera and run outside! The sun doesn’t come out too much in Iceland but when it does, it is magnificent.

Overall, I’d highly recommend staying at the Kaldbaks-kot Cottages. If I find myself back in Husavik, I am certain I will be staying at these Iceland cottages for a few nights of peacefulness and amazing views. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific information on my stay here in Iceland.


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