Golfing at Grindavik Golf Club

One my passions is golfing! And any time I can golf in a new place, I embrace the opportunity with open arms. For golfing in Iceland, I chose the Grindavik Golf Club. It was a short, forty-five minute drive southwest from the hotel in Reykjavik. Another bonus was that it was only several miles away from the Blue Lagoon. More on the Blue Lagoon in a future post.

You’ll find Grindavik Golf Club open from the months of April through November. Rates were fairly reasonable at around $50 per person plus clubs. Two reasons I chose this Iceland golf course (besides its location to Reykjavik) were the golf club rentals and the views of the ocean. The clubs aren’t a high quality but they get the job done.

When paying for our clubs, we were asked if we wanted trolleys, otherwise known as push carts. We asked for a golf cart instead. I had recently re-pulled my tendon (turned it wrong hiking up a waterfall after injuring it the first time running) and could barely walk. They said they had just a few carts but didn’t recommend them. We soon found out why – it was so hilly and bumpy that we got quite shook up riding! But I was still thankful for the cart due to my foot issue.

You can also choose to hit a bucket or two of balls before your round at their driving range.

It is a fairly casual dress code. Because of lack of space, we didn’t fly our golf shoes out and were able to just wear running shoes. You’ll definitely want to bundle up as winds here can get quite intense.

One of the most unique things about this Iceland golf course is that it is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is where there is the split between the American and Eurasian plates. Pictured below is the exact spot where these plates split.

Although I don’t know the slope rating of this course, I would say that it would be for both the well-experienced and the amateur golfer. Many of the first holes are a links course and stretch right alongside the coastline. They were some of my favorite holes to play.

One of the biggest challenges here on the course would be the lava rocks! Rocks are everywhere!! We watched many golf balls that were hit off to the right or left go bouncing along. One of the biggest challenges was watching them and not losing their location before getting up to hit them. Surprisingly, we only lost a few.

The greens were also unique. Many of them had a sort of wall behind them, so if you happened to over hit, the wall would contain the ball, keeping it close to the pin. So this somewhat made up for the challenge added by the rocks.

After we played our round, we ventured into the clubhouse for dinner. Although I was disappointed there was no golf merchandise for purchase (I love buying a golf polo with the name of the course at golf courses I’ve played), I was far from disappointed in my dinner. My food of choice after golf is normally a burger and fries and Grindavik Golf Club had a great one.

Paths Less Traveled Ranking: 2 footprints

Paths Less Traveled Ranking Explanation: The course had quite a few people on it, however, we didn’t have to wait at any of the holes. I would rank this with 2 footprints. You would want to make a tee time to be safe but probably would not have to make one.

*In each of my articles I will provide a Paths Less Traveled Ranking. This ranking system is from 1 footprint to 5 footprints with 1 footprint being very remote and off the beaten path and 5 footprints being very populated.

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