Visiting Akureyri Public Parkland Botanic Gardens

When planning a trip, I always enjoy finding local botanical gardens. It is a great way to learn about the different plants and flowers growing in the area, especially in very different climates. In Iceland I discovered the Akureyri Public Parkland Botanic Garden.

What made this Iceland botanical garden also exciting is that it is the most northern botanical garden in the entire world. In a country filled with lava fields, glaciers, waterfalls, and more, I knew when visiting here I’d see some very unique things!

Here’s a map of the whole garden so you can get a glimpse of the layout and size.

When planning your trip here at the gardens, you’ll want to allow about an hour or a little longer to walk around and see everything. Double check on the hours before going, but the last time I checked they were Monday through Friday from 8:00am – 10:00 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 10:00pm. This is from the months of June through September. I visited towards the end of August. Things were still in bloom but it definitely wasn’t peak time, so I’d suggest visiting earlier in the year if possible.

I was still amazed at how many different types of plant life they had here and were able to grow, considering how close Iceland is to the Arctic Circle! Approximately 6600 species from other locations and 430 that are native plants specific to Iceland can be found on their almost 10 acres of land.

I loved seeing the species that were native to Iceland. Although the labels weren’t in English, I could tell by looking at the plants that they were nothing like what we have back here in the United States.

This farmhouse-like area with its beautiful variety of flowers was fun to walk through.

My favorite flower (as you can tell by the number of pictures that I took of it) is the eryngium alpinum, also called the blue star. It is so fluffy and delicate looking and was definitely one of the more unique flowers. It is native to Austria, Liechtenstein, Croatia, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Slovenia.

I also found some flowers more common to the US near the greenhouse such as sunflowers, dahlias, and lilies.

Before you wrap up your trip at the Akureyri botanical gardens, I’d suggest heading inside to warm up at the café. Huge glass windows provide you with a wonderful view of the gardens. It is the perfect spot to soak in nature and also to people watch. I enjoyed a panini with a cup of delicious hot, spiced chai.

Paths Less Traveled Ranking: 2 footprints

Paths Less Traveled Ranking Explanation: I would rank this with 2 footprints. You will see others walking around the gardens but it is not at all crowded.

*In each of my articles I will provide a Paths Less Traveled Ranking. This ranking system is from 1 footprint to 5 footprints with 1 footprint being very remote and off the beaten path and 5 footprints being very populated.

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